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Made Of Young Neem Wood: Made Of Young (Kaccha) Neem Wood For Maximised Nutrient Transfer To Scalp During Deep Combing.

Hair Growth & Hairfall Control With Scalp Stimulation: Activates Hair Follicles With Increased Blood Circulation. Drives Hair Growth and thickness. Halts Hair Loss & Thinning.

Prevents Static Caused By Plastic Combs & Brushes: Prevents Brittleness, Cuticle Damage and hair Breakage Typically Caused By Static Created By Plastic Combs.

Dandruff & Itchiness Control: Neem helps control Infections On the Scalp And Keep Away Dandruff and itchiness.

Hair Straightening, Smoothening & Frizz Control: Due To Static Removal, Neem Combs Aid In Control Of Frizz & Flyaways. Hair Gets Straightened & Smoothened.

Induces Good Sleep, Releases Anxiety & Stress: With Deep Combing Before Sleep, The Neem Comb Releases Stress, Anxiety & Fatigue, Inducing A Good Night’s Sleep.

Kacchi Neem Wood Comb (Wide Tooth) | Hair Growth, Hairfall, Dandruff Control .

₹249.00 Regular Price
₹169.32Sale Price